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What We Do

Lisa Dreissig Design Studio offers a full-service interior design experience by managing all phases of the project including: design, project management and installation. During the design phase Lisa will become intimately familiar with the needs of her client. Lisa will create an organized plan that includes a projected timeline and budget.

Design concepts and options will be developed, while being mindful of scale, proportion, colors and finishes. The project management phase will rely upon Lisa’s strong network of vendors and contractors to ensure an efficient workflow that stays on time and within budget.


A question interior designers often receive is: “How does this work?” or “What’s the next step?”. If you have never worked with an interior designer it may seem intimidating. Working with an experienced interior designer is like having a professional guide through the entire process. This will help alleviate the stress associated with remodeling.

Having a single contact point and not having to deal with multiple contractors, vendors and retailers is more efficient, saves time and eliminates the frustration. Another benefit of hiring a professional interior designer is the range of options you have for furnishings and materials which are not available to the public, ensuring a unique design to match your individual style.